Accident Lawyer: Distracted Drivers Are A Serious Threat To Public Safety


In a matter of seconds, it can happen with no warning at all. It can happen to you or someone you know, and this can be life-changing. You’ve probably seen several of those commercials reminding you of the dangers of texting and driving. It can make you feel weak when you watch those commercials because everything you see has several truths in it. So many horrible things can go wrong when people text and drive.

As an accident lawyer, I know that a cell phone has become the biggest distractions for drivers. A significant amount of teenagers are killed due to them being distracted because of the things they are doing on their phones. The number one leading cause of death for teenage drivers used to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It’s not just teenagers who are distracted by cell phones, but all ages of drivers are being distracted by cell phones or other tasks.

Sometimes people think that they’re not doing anything wrong when they are texting at a red light or stop sign. However, when the light changes and you accelerate, you can be either reading another text or finishing the text you started at the red light. It doesn’t take long for someone to cross the street on foot or an a bicycle. If you accelerate while looking at the cellphone, someone could be right in front of you. Your text messages have dates and times on them; so they can be subpoenaed in an investigation.

Being distracted while you are trying to drive has become a serious threat to the safety of the public. Distracted driving injures and kills a high number of people, and it is not just teenagers and younger adults. It doesn’t take long for a car accident to happen, and it can happen to you or someone you love.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries or died because of a distracted driver, contact us at our office.

Attorney Dianne Sawaya is licensed to practice law in Colorado and the District of Columbia. Dianne Sawaya has practiced law for nearly 30 years, and has devoted more than half of those years to achieving personal injury settlements for accident victims. She practices law in Colorado District Courts, U.S. District Courts in Colorado and Washington, D.C., and U.S. Courts of Appeals in Colorado and Washington, D.C.


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