Best Brunch Spots in Jakarta: Enjoy Luxurious Brunch Time


Reward yourself with proper morning on weekend. After a long run of endless tasks, traffic jam, and horrible boss, you should treat yourself with a glance of luxurious. Meet your relatives and have a deep conversation with them are essential to keep you sane. Unfortunately, on weekend you usually wake up late with empty stomach. When it is too late to do breakfast but too early to do lunch, so you can do brunch. It is basically a combination of breakfast and lunch. Brunch is always a great time to tighten up your loosen relationship. It is okay to spend a little much to strengthen your bond through luxurious brunch time. Here are several best brunch spots in Jakarta.

Open every Sunday from 12 AM until 3 PM, Spectrum Fairmont Jakarta spoils you with their wide range of dishes. This comfy restaurant offers you all styles of mojitos and fresh seafood such as oysters, lobsters, and shellfish. They also indulge your palate with their juicy pork and crispy pork belly. Dim sum and Indian food like tandoori also on the menu. They even serve foie gras on brunch menu! For all those fancy and delish dishes, they only cost you Rp595.000++ per person and Rp1.200.000++ per person with free flow alcohol. Next, one of best brunch spots in Jakartawill be Bengawan at Keraton at the Plaza. This restaurant is well-known as the most luxurious brunch place in Jakarta. They will treat you with the most expensive ingredients in cooking world, caviar and foie gras. Bengawan also raise your appetite with their oysters, lobsters, and kobe beef dishes. This lavish brunch will completed with classy champagne. Great menu with best element comes with great price. They cost you Rp1.345.000++ per person for included free flow Billecart-Salmon Champagne, Rp595.00++ per person for non-alcohol, and Rp297.500++ for kids under 12 years old.

Lyon Restaurant at Mandarin Oriental is the next best brunch spots in Jakarta. If you want to tease your tongue with French food, Lyon Restaurant will be the perfect choice. They offer you the luxurious oysters and  foie gras. They also serve classical French breakfast such ascrêpes, French toasts, and eggs benedict. You can also enjoy drinking juices, coffee, and tea. This restaurant is open every Saturday at 11.30 AM to 2.30 PM with the price Rp428.000++ per person without alcohol or Rp628.000++ per person with particular wines and beer. Move from French cuisine, Scusa at Intercontinental Hotel offers you great place with selected Italian dishes. The buffet is loaded with pastas, Italian regional specialties, and cheeses. Your appetizer will be served on your table. You can enjoy this flavourful Italian cuisine on every Sunday from 11.30 AM until 3 PM with only Rp395.00++ per person. Alternatively, if you want to taste Indonesian signature dishes without strangled your neck, you can visit Dapour Restaurant at Century Park Hotel. This elegant restaurant offers you a vary range of dishes, from international menu to Indonesian famous menu. You can treat yourself with their signature Ballinese traditional rice, soto, rujak, and desserts. The best part about this Sunday brunch at Dapour is because of the rate is only Rp268.000 per person.


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