Cool Ways To Track Your Baby Bump

  • Chalkboard sign: Chalkboard can be your great partner in your pregnancy. To check the growing bump you can weekly portrait the next to the chalkboard banner and mark the details. So many renowned personalities used to do that to keep the record of their baby bump. This could be the interesting to keep the record as the pictures.


  • Baby-sized props: To show not only the growing size of your belly as well as the size of the baby can be interesting. You can use various props the show the size of the baby each week. People used to practice the different sized fruits and vegetables to show the baby size each week. It could be interesting to show that fetus size in the week 11 is the size of the lime. Better to make an album with the each week photographs and yes not to forget the pregnancy test tools, as health is more important than tracking the baby size.


  • Measurement marks: You can use a tape measure to get the perfect mark of your baby bump. You might take help from your husband or kids to wrap it around your body and hold while taking up the shot. There are special taps are available in the market which stated the weeks on the measures. They can help you to understand week by week size of the baby bump.


  • Baby stickers: There are bling belly stickers available in the market you can use to show the weekly growing baby bump. Just put the sticker on your belly and take the picture to save the memory. If you want you can also download the stickers from the internet. They are easily available online and can be getting as a printout. Pregnancy toolskits also have the sticker to help you to represent the baby size.


  • Calendar countdown T-shirt: You can be more creative can use a t-shirt with the weeks and can use it as the countdown calendar. You can cross the each week with the red pen to show the week of the pregnancy. This could be an easy and impressive way to show the baby bump growth. You can also design a t-shirt on your own.


  • Finger countdown: Make it simple and keep the count on the finger while taking the picture of each week. Probably this will not take your much time as well as you can save some beautiful memory with just the simple and easy clicks. The black t-shirt can be the great option to choose while taking up the picture with finger count. Well, all people know black and while collection looks more professional compared to the other color. However, this is not written on the stone you can choose the color as you wish.

Motherhood is a great experience and comes with great responsibilities. Before enjoying the motherhood better to enjoy the proud moments to be a mother and save some memory to show how happy you were while embracing this beautiful gift.

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