From Outer Space to Open Space: Prepping Your Car for Your Weekend Adventures


Fall is a wonderful time for taking the family on a weekend getaway through local mountain trails and scenic national parks.  Fall and spring seem well suited to auto travel because the weather is temperate – no snow blocked roadsslowing down traffic, or closing down highways.  Or weather so hot you can’t stand the sound of “are we there yet?” from the little ones fussing and fighting in the back seat.  Like Goldilocks in the story of The Three Bears, you want the weather to be just right.  And your car should be in tip top shape for these weekend excursions.  Getting your car ready is easier than ever thanks to the services provided by Advance Auto Parts.   They stock everything you need at your local store, or in one of the 5,000 stores in the chain nationwide, so if you do breakdown in the forest, you’ll quickly find help nearby.  In preparation for your trip, you can shop for brakes pads, batteries, floor mats, motor oil, wiper fluid and other fluids that need to be topped off before hitting the road.   They sell thousands of parts and offer services like check engine light scanning, wiper blade installation and battery testing to keep you safe on the road.

Now that Advance Auto Parts has teamed up with Groupon, you can save additional money off their already low prices.  No running from store to store to find the correct part here and there, no spending a gallon of gas to save a few nickels on the daily deal.  You can save lots of money, shopping from your computer or smart phone.  Groupon offers exclusive codes that save as much as 30% off on select merchandise when you applied at checkout.  No worry that you don’t live near a store either.  They offer free shipping on all orders to every state in the continental United States.

Advance Auto Parts may not take the place of your neighborhood mechanic, but they sure will supply the parts needed.  With so much to savor this fall, don’t stay indoors playing video games that pretendto slay demons from outer space –  get out into open space with your family, assured that your vehicle is safe with quality merchandise and name brand products sold by Advance Auto Parts.


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