Getting Ready for Bone Marrow Transplantation


You must know the treatment procedure to have the right mindset for the bone marrow transplantation.  Also, you must go prepared to the hospital to support the doctors for offering you a better treatment.

Duration of the treatment

Usually, it will take close to a month to complete the entire process starting from pre-transplant treatment till you get discharged.  Even after going home periodic review will be done by the doctor. In general, it will take anywhere between six months to one year for getting back to your routine schedule.

Treatment Procedure

Preliminary Test

Cost of bone marrow transplant in India can be spilt as the test charges, hospitalization cost, BMT procedure charge, and medicines, etc.

All your organs will be tested before performing the BMT in your body. Every organ must be fit to support the bone marrow transplantation process to happen smoothly. The test taken will include a blood test, urine test, lung functioning, heart functioning and, kidney functioning.

A dentist check-up also will be advised to avoid any infection due to tooth decay.

Actual Process

First, the doctors will fix a Central Venous Catheter (CVC). This is a thin tube kept near your collarbone into the vein connecting your heart. This tube is inserted for injecting medicines through the vein, and it can avoid holding the venflon in your hands.

The preserved stem cell which is filtered and frozen will be transfused on your body. Cost of bone marrow transplant may not include the outpatient (OP) charges post your recovery.

The CVC is kept till your transplant procedure and removed after that to prevent any infection caused due to the presence of the tube. This is usually done as an OP procedure.

Bring The Following Stuff To The Hospital

When you come prepared to the hospital, you may avoid getting panic at the last moment.

Remember to bring some water bottles, glasses, plates, etc. Some hospitals may provide food still you must have snacks that has a mint flavor. Due to the antibiotics, you may not get any taste, and hence mint will help. Drink lot of water before and after the procedure to keep you hydrated. You can chew some gums for taste and hydration. Even hospitals give their dress; you may carry some soft, loose clothes to wear and make yourself comfortable. Always try to have zip or button in the front of your dress. Ideally, a front open night dress can help you change quickly.

Carry some soap to wash your clothes, hand sanitizers, and moisturizers. Make sure you have loo rolls. Your toothbrush and toothpaste.

Also, bring your favorite books, handheld devices to play games, headphones, and charges.  You may think as if you are going for a picnic. Yes, it is painful to undergo treatment. But, due to the advancement in technology, the process will be straightforward. You must only be well prepared and think that you are on vacation.

Be cheerful and cooperate for the medical practitioners to do their job. Never get disturbed as your mood will have a more significant impact on your body.


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