Merging Different Videos With Movavi Video Editor

Merging Different Videos With Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is a really interesting editing program that you can use both as a professional and as someone that never edited a video in his/her entire life. This program makes it incredibly simple for the regular user to merge videos, edit them and end up with a final video that has the quality needed to even be featured on HD TV sets.

How To Merge Videos With Movavi Video Editor

After you install Movavi Video Editor, open the software and you can start working on your project in just a few minutes after downloading the program. Choose the videos that you want to merge and import them. Then, you want to add them to the timeline in the order you want to have them at the end. Optionally, you can also cut parts of them or edit them more by adding filters or captions.

After they are in the right order, it is time to think about whether or not you want to add some transitions between the videos. This can make the final video much better and you can choose out of hundreds of possible transitions that are now available in Movavi Video Editor.

When you finish creating perfect transitions, you added captions, titles and different effects you want, it is time to save your final video. This is another part where Movavi Video Editor truly shines. The quality options that are available as you export the videos are huge. All you need to do is to choose the appropriate format from the list available. It is close to impossible not to find something that is great for the intended use. If you want to add the video to a web page, suitable encoding will be available. If you just want the video to be played at home, on your home theater system, high quality settings are available.


If you want to merge videos fast and make the end video as high quality as possible, Movavi Video Editor is a program you should seriously consider. Do think about using it and take advantage of the highly advantageous free trial option available.


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