Planning for an International Move


Many of the steps for setting up an international move are same as those of a domestic move. Well, looking for international moving companies in Montreal, do not get rates over the internet, ensure that the company is ready to come out to your home for a visible look over and give you with International Relocation Brochures. Special allocation must be made, however for the extra length of time in movement, the essential paperwork and the numerous rules existing in the foreign countries.

Many articles of household goods cannot be shipped internationally and your mover should give you with this list like plants, foods, burnable. You should also be aware, if known, of custom rules to recognise any snubbed manufactures or materials which are forbidden in the destination country, such as liquor, fire arms or weapons. You can communicate with the nearest official of the destination country and access a copy of the latest customs rules. Custom duty for access of automobiles differs from country to country and is sometimes very high. Pets are restricted in some countries and others may need an entry permit, health and rabies certificates or a seclusion period up to six months or longer at the owner’s expense.

Packing for an overseas move is very unalike from that of a move within the United States. Everything must be wrapped and arranged inside large waterproof plywood; metal or fibreglass boxes called lift vans or packed straight away into ship containers. You should not pack your own goods. Due to present terrorist attacks, self-packing is not permitted. The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 give orders what can and cannot be done on international moves. Expert movers use particularly planned cartons that are huge enough for weak items. All items not boxed are and should be wrapped in a hard corrugated brown paper. Everything is then well fitted into the box. Most movers will pack and load the containers at residence.

Accomplishment of many documents should be completed to keep away complexities at destination. Applications for these forms should be made as far as in advance as possible. Passports, Certificate of Registration, US Export Forms, Visa, Residence and Work Permits, Medical and Immunization Certificates, International Driving Permits, and Marriage Certificate.

Most international movers will need payment at finalisation of load. You can go straight away into the office and make payment on site, for the real weight and services. Once payment is received, your shipment will be set free and sent from port of origin. If payment is not made, your goods can sit at port and gather storage cost, at your expenditure. Most international rates are good for 30 days. Rates change always. If any duties or extra charges are needed at destination, you will pay the chosen destination agent at that particular time.


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