School Trophy Cases; consider the factors before choosing one


Buying a trophy case or some new display case for a school is a very big decision. Thus, make sure to consider the factors prior to choosing appropriate model for school trophy cases such as:

  • Lighting
  • Type
  • Frame
  • Shelves
  • Back type
  • Doors


The display and trophy cases feature built-in lights only in some cases. These ensure easy reading and seeing. Thus, considering lighted display cases as school trophy cases looks appropriate outside an auditorium or gym.  These look outstanding when the case is filled with awards and trophies. Conversely, even if the cases come without the feature of in-built lighting, you can fix them as they are available for additional cost.


Five types of cases are available to display school trophies:

  • Floor Display Cases– These are rectangular and come in different sizes. They may be full- or half-width shelves enabling to display oversized pieces or a large assortment of items.
  • Wall-Mounted Display Cases– Lacking floor space; the right choice is a wall-mounted case. This is because the vertical space is less and is not suitable for smaller items. The advantage is that these cases can be directly attached to the wall and it means they give you the floor space. Such wall mounted trophy cases can be put even in hallways or crowded lobbies. In fact, they are less expensive.
  • Tower Display Cases– These are tall featuring full-width shelving. They come with two to five shelves, and are ideal for showcasing singular items collection.
  • Counterheight and retail display cases– These cases are waist-high and feature full-width shelves. They may feature four-legs or an attractive pedestal.
  • Shadow Boxes and Memorabilia Cases– Shadow boxes or memorabilia cases are suitable for highlighting flat objects. They are ideal choices for lobbies and busy hallways, making a least expensive display cases type.

Trophy cases come in wooden or aluminium frame. The wooden frames are apt for lobby or library, while aluminium frames feature a contemporary look and are more durable, suitable for crowded hallways.

The shelves are available as full and half width shelves. Thus, before deciding the shelves type you need as school trophy cases, think about the trophy size you wish to display.  Shelves featuring half-width provide versatile space and accommodate tall items such as trophies, while full-width shelves are apt to showcase smaller trophies. Generally, they feature tempered glass as they are stronger and even if they break, they shatter into pebble like pieces.

Back Type

  • White Laminate Back– Trophies look outstanding with white laminate back, besides it is stain-resistant and washable.
  • Plaque Fabric Back– This is a looped material to hang medals using the push pins or staples.
  • Cork Back– This allows displaying photos or certificates. A cork back allows repeatedly affixing items without damaging the surface.
  • Mirror Back– A mirror back offers elegant touch to trophy cases and showcases the display items. It is perfect to display as viewers can see the front and the back in the mirror back.
  • Tempered Glass– Tempered glass backs offer a sophisticated look.

Large trophy cases feature sliding doors, while smaller and wall-mount display cases feature swinging doors. However, tempered glass doors are the renowned choice for school trophy cases as they are stronger.


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