What to Stack with Dbol for Perfect Results


Steroids are being used by bodybuilders around the world for bulking as well as cutting cycles. Dianabol is commonly used for bulking. It is giving great mass and strength. But, it is always recommended to stack other steroids to keep the gain for long period of time as well as to balance every hormone levels that get affected using such drugs. So if you are one among those who are thinking of using dbol for bulking and don’t know what to stack it with, test and dbol cycle is what will give you the desired result.

Most of the body builders start their first cycle with Testosterone Enanthate. It is to give the cycle a base which will result in longer effect. If you don’t use such base, then there is a high risk of losing all your gains that you have achieved with great hard work. So what a testosterone base with dbol gives you is the full utilization of dbol and to preserve the gains for future as well.

So for beginners, you can have a 12 week cycle with testosterone base, dbol and anastrozole. Start by having testosterone enanthate in a dose of 500mg weekly for the whole cycle. Dbol has to be taken till sixth week in a dose of 30mg daily. Just like testosterone, take anastrozole for the whole cycle that is 12 weeks, a dose of 0.25mg every other day. It is the best cycle to follow. If you want to reduce time, you can convert into test E (testosterone enanthate) and dbol cycle just for 10 weeks. Here instead of 6 weeks, use dbol for just 4 weeks.

Another possible stacking is the testosterone, dbol and deca cycle. The cycle length again will be 12 weeks. Here also you need to take testosterone enanthate for the whole 12 weeks in a dose of 750mg weekly. Also take deca duraboline throughout the cycle of 12 weeks in a dose of 400mg weekly. Dbol has to be taken in a dose of 50mg daily from first week to sixth week and anastrozole from first week to twelfth week in a dose of 0.25mg every other day.

While using test and dbol stack, a point to remember is to always split the dose of dianabol. So 50mg has to be divided into two doses a day that 25mg in morning and the other 25mg after five to six hours. It is to stabilize its concentration in your blood to give proper result. Anyway, with positives, you may experience some negative effects also like gynecomastia, skin turning to oily, acne, losing hair, damage to liver, heart problems, problem in cholesterol levels, cancer etc. stacking increases such side effects possibility. So decrease the doses if you find any. Using natural products is the best way to be free from all such side effects. With natural supplements comes complete quality assurance and guarantee. So always go for a safer option and be on a safer side.


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